The Epona Institute | A labor of resources and responsibility

Developed by Monique Craig, the EponaShoe is the premier composite horseshoe on the market today. EponaShoe consists of three different types of high-quality polyurethane bonded together. The success of EponaShoe has been proven with case studies on hundreds of horses since 1999. While the therapeutic cases are always the most astonishing, performance horses all over the world

are having success with EponaShoe everyday. From team roping champions to the world champion dressage horse, EponaShoe benefits horses of most disciplines. 

If you have a digital camera and a PC you can analyze the hoof using Metron.  When radiographs are available, Metron is particularly powerful in keeping track of the hoof. Documenting changes in the hoof over time can be beneficial to all involved. It is important to maintain records so if any sudden lameness occurs, comparisons can be made to earlier documentation.

Metron has been adopted as the heart of modern Digital Radiography systems in use in veterinary clinics... both skeletal and dental specialties. One focus of Metron Imaging has been the equine hoof and leg. So, particularly for equine veterinarians and farriers, Metron will be of interest.


The Epona-Institute is dedicated to the hoof and equine biomechanics research. We are interested in bridging the gap between science and practice.


Monique Craig started the

Epona-Institute in 2008 after

developing Metron software

in 1999 and EponaShoe in 2004.