Clinics taught at the Epona Institute are taught by Monique Craig unless otherwise specified. 

Monique Craig has a degree in Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Mathematics and Physics. She was aiming at a PhD in Computational Linguistics at Stanford when she purchased her Holsteiner Stallion, Smirnoff. His Chronic hoof problems made her take a very different direction in her career.  Monique is a hoof researcher, farrier, and rider.  She teaches and gives seminars on the hoof, trimming, shoeing and equine biomechanics.

We have talented and experienced instructors who have devoted a considerable amount of time interning under Monique and they assist in giving one-on-one instruction and attention at clinics at the Epona Institute in Paso Robles, California and all over the country.

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Gene Lelm has been a farrier for over 35 years; he has shod horses all over the country. Gene started his career with Paints and Appaloosas in Minnesota and then Nevada, moving to San Luis Obispo County in 2007.

Gene has been a dedicated student and teacher of the Epona Method since 2009. When Gene is not shoeing at the Epona Institute, he can be found out on the road sharing his knowledge of EponaShoe with other farriers and barefoot trimmers. His compassion and love for horses comes out in his shoeing philosophy; "I always try to take into consideration the well being of the whole horse, not just the feet." Gene is an EponaShoe Certified Clinician and a true asset to our team.


Larry Carrow is an instructor who has a life-long involvement with the horse. He is a rider, trainer, shoer, dentist, saddle-maker, and all-round enlightened horseman! He has dealt with all kinds of horses, and has a wealth of experience. Located in Texas, he also hits the road to lead clinics for us. Larry is an EponaShoe Certified Clinician and he is committed to sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise with others and we are grateful to have Larry be a leader on our team.


Mary Bramley is a farrier servicing Eastern MA, Northeast CT, all of RI and Southern NH. She specializes in sport horse and performance shoeing along with vet-referred rehabilitation work including canker, DSLD, soft tissue injuries, laminitis, founder, club foot, thin soles, toe cracks, quarter cracks and underrun heels. Shoeing includes steel (hot and cold), composite shoes (EponaShoe), aluminum shoes and hoof casting (Equicast). Mary is a skilled EponaShoe Certified Clinician. She helps to lead our clinics through out the country and soon this will include internationally. She is a valued member of our Epona team.